Located conveniently in Roanoke County on the edge of Salem city limits, I offer voice lessons for those who live in Roanoke, Salem, the Roanoke and New River Valleys.  I want to help students develop their singing voice and sing in a healthy way, regardless what it is they like to sing.  Here are some reasons students come to my studio...

  • high school students who want to improve their singing - musical theatre, classical, pop

  • university students who want to study voice alongside their primary discipline

  • church or civic choristers who want to improve their contribution to their choir

Here are some of the aspects of singing in which I believe strongly...

  • a functional approach - that is, rather than working to develop a particular sound in the voice I look to train the voice to WORK efficiently to fulfill the artist's imagination

  • helping students understand his/her voice, how it works, and why each exercise helps his/her singing 

  • text based musicality - our primary ideas for how to interpret the music are found in the text

  • learning to speak well to support the singing voice and keep it healthy

  • paying attention to health issues which may affect the singing voice

Please check out the "Studio Details" page to learn about fees and schedules.  You can use the registration page to request a place in the studio, or if you like, you can use the contact page to ask me questions you might have.  I prefer email communication.

I look forward to meeting you and singing with you too!